You own your own business, however there is no "brand" associated with it. You need to develop a logo and other items that are unique to your business that customers will recognize in a flash. We also have packages that can enhance your business by including design for business cards, letterhead and all other aspects of any business. We can develop a brand for your busines.

Does your small business have a web site? Is it prohibitive because of designers costs? We can give you an attractive and functional web site and run it for you if you do not have the time or computer skills. We understand many small businesses can not afford something that is a critical component of any business - a web site.

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  • We can provide a wide variety of services mostly for small business needs. A small business may not need a complex expensive web site. We can provide an attractive, functional site that would serve all your purposes. We do not do sites offering sales and payments on line.

  • Our branding and logo work is absolutely top notch. Utilizing one of the best graphic designers in Canada, we can create a new logo or bring an old one back to life..

  • Never had your business on social media? We will create a site for you on Facebook or Twitter, and can run it for you on a monthly basis, working with you to keep it vibrant and informative. Without a social media presence, you are at a big disadvantage to your competitors.

  • References are available for any component of our work.

Logo Design

Our graphic designer is one of the best in Canada. He has created many logos and had his work featured on the internet and publicatons. We can create a brand new logo for you, or take your existing one and give it vitality and life. Some of our logos are seen on our home page.

If you do not have your business featured on social media, you are at a big disadvantage to your competitor. Many business owners do not have the time or the computer knowledge to create and run these sites. We can do both, working with you to ensure we keep the pages interesting and current.

Web Sites

Human Wildlife Conflict Awareness

We focus on two of the primary species of concern for recreationists and homeowners - bears and cougars.

Learn how to Live and recreate in Bear and Cougar country safely.

If you live, work or play in bear and cougar country, it is important that you make an effort to learn about these animals behaviours, how to best avoid encounters and what to do in the event of an attack or aggressive situation.

Join retired Conservation Officer Glenn Naylor for two presentations and discussion on how to stay safe in cougar and bear country, to minimize your chance of a negative human/wildlife interaction with these animals and what to do should you encounter an aggressive animal.

Glenn has been deeply involved in this field for many years, was a founding member of Canmore Alberta’s Community WildSmart program and has given many presentations to help people become more bear and cougar aware throughout his 37 year career.

Learn the difference between defensive and non-defensive encounters, how to use bear spray and to treat these animals with respect but not fear.

There will be two presentations and discussion; one for Black Bears and one for Cougars.

For information, speaker rates and booking contact us here: 

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